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Honorable Prime Minister Mr.  Narendra Modi addressed a gathering to reflect the benefits of this Superfruit SEABUCKTHORN(popularly known as Leh Berry). 

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Watch this VIDEO and you'll be surprised undoubtedly.!!!SEABUCKTHORN adding Strength in our Border Defense


Depth of its Roots

The roots of seabuckthorn trees go down 200 feet deep into the ground to gather enough nutrition that's why these berries have plenty of nutrition.

Better than All

Among all superfruits, Seabuckthorn contains highest amount of Nutrients,Vitamins and Antioxidant capacity which keeps us healthy and immune.

Facts and History

Russian Cosmonauts and Olympic players supplemented their diet with Seabuckthorn. Along with DRDO, there are more than 120 scientific studies on it.

Source of 190 bioactive nutrients

It contains 12 times more Vitamin C than orange, 3 times more Vitamin A than carrot and more Vitamin E than all fruits...!!

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