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Description :

Diabosash is a wonderful herbal product for diabetes that helps to balance blood sugar naturally and does not have any adverse side effects. 

People suffering from diabetes depend upon conventional remedies for diabetes control or they have to take insulin artificially for glucose metabolism which may produce many side effects.

People with diabetes may take this along with other conventional remedies and control diabetes in a natural way. 

Diabosash not only helps in balancing blood sugar but it also helps in the correction of symptoms associated with diabetes such as weakness of body muscles, excessive thirst, increased urination, low vision etc. It helps to increase insulin, which is the best way to treat diabetes.

For better results, take these capsules with diabo juice.

Ingredients & their Benefits :


Gurmar is considered to be a magical remedy for diabetic patients as it is highly effective in both type I and type II diabetes mellitus. It reduces blood sugar levels by enhancing the level of insulin in the body.


Diabetic patients can consume jamun fruit daily to control their sugar levels, which certainly helps to enhance the insulin activity and sensitivity. In addition, seeds powder can be taken as an adjuvant both for type-2 diabetes, insulin dependent or non-insulin dependent.


It reduces the blood glucose levels in both type I and type II diabetes. Consuming a glass of karela juice is so effective that diabetes patients need to reduce the dosage of their medicines.

Shudh Shilajit

Shilajit is effective in controlling blood glucose levels and improves the lipid profile. Shilajit finds extensive use in Ayurveda, for diverse clinical conditions.


It works by influencing the body's production of insulin and insulin sensitivity. It stimulates the secretion of insulin in bloodstream thus improving the break down of sugars in the blood. This ensures that less harmful sugars are being stored on your body.

Revand Chini

According to Ayurveda, Revandchini is beneficial in severe headache, blood disorders, diarrhea, diabetes etc. Loss of appetite, slow digestion, burning in urine, lumps, wounds, etc. can also be taken from Revtika (Revandchini). 


  • Helps in metabolism of glucose
  • Helps maintain normal blood sugar level
  • Useful for controlling symptoms of diabetes
  • Benefits in diabetes.
  • For better results, take these capsules with diabo juice.

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