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Description :

This oil is a unique combination of sea buckthorn oil and herbal extracts known in ayurveda to be excellent for hair fall prevention, stimulation of hair growth and for scalp health. 

This nourishing enriched hair oil protects, nourishes and rejuvenates your hair. 

Loaded with the goodness of seabuckthorn and Omega 3,6,7 & 9, fatty acids it nourishes, softens and rejuvenates hair and scalp and reduces hair loss and dandruff with amazing results.

Ingredients :

  • Seabuckthorn Seed Oil
  • Seabuckthorn berry Oil
  • Amla Extract
  • Nagarmotha Extract
  • Shikakai Extract
  • Bramhi Extract
  • Bhringraj Extract
  • Jatamansi Extract
  • Gudahal Extract
  • Safed Chandan Extract
  • Manjishta Extract
  • Amberel Extract
  • Khus Extract
  • Coconut Oil
  • Til Taila Oil

Benefits :

  • It nourishes the hair down to its roots, which helps to reduce dandruff and hair fall.
  • Regular use of it makes your hair long, shiny and silky.
  • It gives strength to your hair roots.
  • Protects hair against environmental stress, Rejuvenates hair against damage by sun, maintains healthy hair texture,
  • Beneficial for all hair types.


  • Nourishes the hair down to its roots
  • Helps in reduce dandruff.
  • Helps in reduce Hair fall.
  • Gives strength to your hair roots.
  • Beneficial for all hair types.

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